Monday, April 27, 2020

Spotlight 3. Sweet Treats

In these Library Spotlight posts we’re picking a theme and highlighting some of the amazing content available to you online via Sheffield Libraries, as well as out there in the wider world. 

Today we're thinking about sweet treats.  After all, we all deserve a treat sometimes...

Jane Austen and Regency Recipes

Love Jane Austen?  Love pudding? 
Jane Austen’s books are full of food, with much of the action often happening at a meal or social gathering of some kind.  Take a bite of the Regency period by trying out these recipes from the Jane Austen Centre in Bath.

And if you want to revisit the books, download them for free from the Sheffield eLibrary where you'll also find lots of other food themed fiction and recipe books, including authors Millie Johnson and Tarek Malouf from the Hummingbird Bakery.

More Recipes

Check out BBC Good Food and BBC Easy Cook magazines.  Just two of the bestselling magazines available to download free from the Sheffield eLibrary.

Search the eLibrary

Cookbooks of 2019 - Podcast

Okay, so we're a few months late but a podcast about books and baking seemed to fit too well to ignore.  In this BBC Radio podcast, Cerys Matthews and friends review some of the best cook books from last year.

Listen to the podcast 

Wonka's Sweet Solutions

A fun Willy Wonka inspired quiz for children here. As well as being wonderfully delicious, some of Willy Wonka's sweets can also come in handy! Which treat would you choose for each of these sticky situations? 

Start the Quiz

And if that whetted your appetite, take a look at the Roald Dahl Museum website where you'll find lots of things for children to do indoors, including a great video from Quentin Blake on how to draw Willy Wonka.

Watch the video

Creativity during Corona

Each morning during lockdown, we’ve been posting daily creative prompts on Facebook  and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response from people creating their own poetry and artwork.  We look forward to showcasing some of this work during an exhibition at the Central Library when life returns to normal.

Today, we’re taking a look at two poems; one for children and one for grown ups.  Claire Walker from the Central Library has chosen Michael Rosen performing his poem, Chocolate Cake because it’s simply delicious, and for anyone home-schooling KS2 kids, she just shaved 3 minutes 40 seconds off your day.

For the adults, Claire wanted to tickle your literature taste buds with this very visual poem by Shukria Rezaei.

You could simply read the poems then close…or take a look at the prompts on our Facebook page and send us your own thoughts, notes, journal piece, poem, short story,  drawing, paintings, photographs, knitting, sewing, or  songs….  Enjoy.

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