Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Review: Shades of grey by Jasper Fforde

In a world where the colours you can see (of lack of them) determines your social status, Shades of Grey offers an interesting take on the usual discussion of hierarchy and class divisions. 

Fforde's hero, Eddie Russett, is part of the lower echelon of society and has designs on advancing his position, until he is thrust into an adventure which makes him question whether all the rules and regulations he has accepted all his life actually make sense.

Fans of Fforde's Thursday Next and Nursery Crime series are likely to enjoy this too. He has a knack for creating a complex and self-consistent world with enough familiar details to keep the reader grounded, but enough differences to keep us guessing too.

I only hope that there's going to be more in the series.

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Review written by Ann Brook (Library and Information Assistant)