Friday, January 3, 2014

Last orders!

Interesting records documenting Sheffield’s brewing heritage came to light recently when an amateur brewer turned up at Sheffield Archives looking to resurrect some of the old beers once famed in Sheffield.  Among the many boxes of records relating to Sheffield’s brewing industry we were able to find the original handwritten brewing books for the beers and stouts made at the Exchange Brewery by Tennant Brothers.  These books provide all the information needed for brewing a perfect pint of old favourites such as Rock and Queens Ale, Lion Pale Ale and Glucose Stout.
The records are part of the Whitbread Archive donated to Sheffield Archives in 2001.  The archive contains some fascinating items, such as photographs of pubs in and around Sheffield which were once owned by the company and an album of advertisements from the 1950s and 1960s.  Family historians may find the salary books useful which give the names of those that worked for the company between 1917 and 1955.  There are also Directors’ minute books dating back to 1882, property ledgers and share-holder registers, all of which give an insight into this famous Sheffield company.
(Sheffield Archives reference: MD7518)