Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Creativity During Covid - Exhibition

As the first national lockdown began, we all experienced a range of emotions as many of us were forced to slow down and consider a situation unlike anything we’d ever known.  Amid the fear, boredom, and loneliness experienced by many, there was also relief, wonder, and hope to be found in people and places, perhaps familiar and yet somehow previously unseen. 

As we look back to springtime 2020, there is no ignoring the tragedy of what unfolded, the extent of suffering was too awful for that, but we can remember the positives too.  The explosion of creativity observed amongst ordinary people across the country was one such example. 

Here in Sheffield, Claire Walker, the creative dynamo behind the Central Library poetry and writing groups was quick to encourage people to explore and express their creativity.  Every day from March to July 2020, Claire posted on the Library Facebook page, a daily writing prompt to inspire others to write, feel or think imaginatively.  Claire was overwhelmed by the response and the impact this appeared to have on those taking part.

The Creativity During Covid Exhibition showcases a selection of the written work sent in by those who read the prompts, alongside a number of physical items created during those months. It offers a snapshot of a moment in time, capturing a glimpse of our shared experience. 

A folder of further writing submitted can also be viewed, as well the daily prompts created by Claire. 

The Creativity During Covid Exhibition will be available to view in the Central Library foyer from 11th August 2021 until 1st September, 2021.

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