Monday, February 15, 2021

The Kids Are All Right: LGBTQ+ Books for Children and Young People

For decades, it has been a struggle to find positive, realistic fiction for children and young people that depicts the diverse range of identities in the LGBTQ+ community. Finally, though, we are starting to see more books being published in the UK, particularly for young adults.

In our LGBTQ Children's Book List PDFyou will find details of all the books discussed in our podcast with former Carnegie and Kate Greenaway judges Zoey Dixon (from Lambeth Libraries) and Liz Chapman (here at Sheffield Libraries). There are also a few bonus titles that we couldn’t squeeze into the podcast! This is still only a fraction of the books now available, so for more reading ideas, why not check out our LGBTQ+ Children’s & YA listchallenge? You can also get in touch with your local Sheffield or Lambeth librarian for suggestions, or contact our partner bookshop Gay’s the Word.

If you’ve enjoyed one of our recommendations, or want to let us know about something we’ve missed, join the conversation on Twitter! @SheffLibraries, @lamlibs and @gaystheword


In partnership with Lambeth Libraries and Gay’s the Word bookshop.

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