Thursday, February 4, 2021

Do you have a special or inherited recipe?

Do you have a special recipe?  If you do, we’d love to see it!

Help us explore Sheffield’s heritage through food.

In the run up to our digital dinner time experience Digesting History, we’re inviting you to help us uncover recipes that reveal the ever expanding story of Sheffield. We want to hear about the recipes that are important to you.  Perhaps they were passed on from a family member or friend.  Maybe they were taught to you at school, or you survived as a student by relying on them.

It could be breakfast, dinner, or tea, or maybe a sweet treat that sparks a memory and takes you back to a different time, or even a different you…
Share your recipes, stories and memories with us and we might even include them in a new recipe booklet, published by Sheffield Libraries this spring, and distributed across the city.

What do I need to do?

Post a picture of your recipe (handwritten is fine!) and a photo of the dish if you have one (but no pressure) to the Digesting History Facebook page.  Just click on Discussion and leave a post.

Alternatively, email us at

Tell us where/when/how you first encountered this recipe.  What is the story behind it? What memory does it ignite?

Deadline for submissions: 21 February 5pm

To get things started...

Here’s a set of recipes collected at Walkley Library back in the 1980s.  It’s full of dentist frightening puddings and some great local memories extending back to the 1920s.

Happy sharing, cooking and eating everyone, we can’t wait to read them all and try them out!

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