Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Spotlight 15. Buildings

Real buildings that inspired literature

As well as grounding a story in a place, buildings in fiction often help us understand the personality of a character and may reveal that character's position in the wider world.  Sometimes, the building may even feel like a character, itself.

Check out these two articles from the Architectural Digest,and the Guardian; both examining real buildings that inspired fiction.

Iconic Buildings in Sheffield 

Sheffield isn't famous for its architecture, but there are plenty of examples of buildings that have played a major role in the City's history, and in some cases have gained near iconic status.

Looking back, the almost forgotten Sheffield Castle was once the fourth largest fortress in England.  Read more about the rise and fall of Sheffield Castle on our blog.

Despite the passing of centuries, a handful of buildings still remain from before the time of the English Civil War.  Read more about where to find them on our blog.

More recently, the City has begun to appreciate once again some of the Brutalist landmark buildings that appeared following the Second World War.  To delve deeper into the fascinating history of Park Hill, read the online research guide from our Local Studies Library.

Finally, this trio of films from Museums Sheffield looks back at some of Sheffield's lost 20th century landmarks.

Ruling the Rooftops

For something completely different, watch BMX and daredevil star, Danny MacAskill rule the rooftops of Gran Canaria. The video was filmed among the paint-pot houses and azure blue skies of Las Palmas.  Enjoy more films from Sheffield Adventure Film Festival online for free.

Tour some of the world’s most beautiful libraries

In these films, you can take a guided tour around some the worlds most beautiful libraries.  Building designed to inspire, to educate and to serve generations past, present, and to come.

Creativity during Covid - Buildings

During lockdown, we've been posting daily prompts to spark your creativity.  Claire from Central Library writes,

I’ve chosen Louis MacNeice’s, The British Museum Reading Room. MacNeice’s language is alive and emotionally captures the feel of the building, books and visitors, then takes us outside to the stark reality of London 1939.

Read the poem

You could simply read the poem then close…or take a look at the prompts on our Facebook page and send us your own thoughts, notes, journal piece, poem, short story,  drawing, paintings, photographs, knitting, sewing, or  songs….  Enjoy.

The Importance of Architecture

Does architecture matter?  The people behind the international School of Life argue that it most definitely does.  Read why in The Book of Life.

Hogwarts Quiz

There can't be many buildings better described, or indeed well known in literature than Hogwarts Castle.  Do you know your way around?  Take the quiz and find out.

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