Friday, November 24, 2017

Explore your archive 2017: the big picture finale!

Special shelters provided for staff at Blackburn
Meadows Power Station, 1939 (s03584)
We hope you’ve enjoyed our week of blogs from the archives highlighting some of the incredible documentary treasures we have right here in our city.  To round off our week of all things archival, we thought we’d show you some of the brilliant photographs from the Local Studies Library’s vast collection.  Over 75,000 photographs have now been scanned and uploaded to our image website:  Hundreds of new photos are added each week and we owe a great debt of gratitude to our team of industrious volunteers who come in, without fail, each week to scan more and more content for the website.  We present here just a small selection to whet your appetite; you can discover more by browsing Picture Sheffield

Fungus the Bogeyman scares children at Woodseats Library, Sheffield, 1985 (s30246).
In addition to photographs, we’ve also added a series of historical maps (including Ralph Gosling’s amazingly detailed 1736 map Sheffield), newspaper images, advertisements and archive documents.  The breadth of subject matter is endless; a quick browse often turns into hours!
Women's Liberation protest against a beauty contest
Sheffield, 1973 (s35350). 
If you’ve got any old (or not so old) photographs of Sheffield people or places that you’d like to donate or loan to the Local Studies Library, do get in touch.  We rely on people’s personal photographs to give breadth to the city’s pictorial record.  These might be old school or work photographs, pictures of the street where you live or events that have taken place in Sheffield.  Drop us a line if you’ve got something that might be of interest:
Gas mask drill in Sheffield during the Second World War (s02562).

Workmen at the English Steel Corporation, Sheffield, cheering Queen Elizabeth II on a visit, 1954 (s02325).
Clara Hayball on a velocipede in the yard of her father's wood-carving works on Cavendish Street, 1875 (y00516).

Gymnasium team work at Sheffield Twist Drill
and Steel Company, Summerfield Street,
1940s/1950s (y03003).

The herbalist stall, Sheaf Market
(Rag an' Tag), 1973 (s01955).
Joseph Chapman, tailor of Hillsbrough survived the Great Sheffield Flood of 1864 by getting in this box (s08751).

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