Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Review: The name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss

How to describe this book? Rothfuss takes the reader on a twisting, turning, and seemingly totally mundane journey that manages to grab hold and not let go.

His protagonist, Kvothe, decides to tell his life story to a man known as The Chronicler, and the narrative jumps between the telling and the living. In another writer's hands, this could be too confusing, but Rothfuss handles it exceptionally well. There are passages where nothing much seems to happen, which would usually be the point where I put the book down, but I was so captivated by the prose and the characters that I couldn't stop reading.

Rothfuss has created a self-contained and believable world, with plenty of nuance and interest, and since this story is intended as a trilogy, there's more where this came from. Thank goodness.

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Review written by Ann Brook (Library and Information Assistant)