Friday, March 27, 2020

Book Quiz Friday - Week 1

The Answers

We hope you enjoyed the quiz. 

If you didn’t take part in real time, why not use these questions later.  Perhaps run a quiz for your family or house mates, or try a virtual pub quiz tonight or over the weekend.  Try video conferencing tools like Zoom to bring people together.
Thanks for taking part.  Please let us know how you found it.

1.  As well as creating Harry Potter, JK Rowling also writes crimes novels, but under what name?

Robert Galbraith

2.  Continuing from where he left off at the end of Boy: Tales of Childhood, Going Solo focuses on the amazing early adult life of which famous writer.

Roald Dahl

3.  The Gothic novel Melmoth is the title of the latest work by which best-selling author?

Sarah Perry

4.  In The Lord of Rings, what is the name of the fortress home of the evil wizard Saruman? 

Isengard – but we will also accept Orthanc as this is the name of the main tower

5.  Henry Tilney is the main love interest in which Jane Austen novel?

Northanger Abbey

6.  Spitfire is a non-fiction book by John Nichol.  Nichol as an RAF airman was famously shot down and captured by the enemy.  During which conflict did this happen?

First Gulf War

7.  The Evie’s Magic Bracelet series of children’s books is written by Elen Caldecott and which well-known Sheffielder?  

Jessica Ennis Hill

8.  Published in 2017, A Column of Fire by Ken Follett, is part of a series centred on which fictional English town?  


9.  In Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, Tristan Thorn leaves his village to enter the magical land of Faerie.  What is name of the village?


10.  Andy Weir is the bestselling author of the Martian, adapted for film and featuring Matt Damon.  Where is his latest novel set?

The Moon

11.  Sunjeev Sahota’s Sheffield set, Booker nominated novel explores the experiences of migrant workers in Britain.  What is the title of the book?

The Year of the Runaways

12.  Facing Up is the story of a 23 year old adventurers climb up Everest.  Who is the adventured and author?

Bear Grylls

13.  The Bolds is a series of children’s books by comedian Julian Clary about a family of animals posing as normal humans.  What kind of animal are Bolds? 


14.  The Long Earth series is a collaborative science fiction work by Terry Pratchett and which other science fiction writer?  

Stephen Baxter

15.  What is the title of Tom Clancy’s 1984 debut novel focussed around the movement of a Russian submarine?

The Hunt for Red October

16.  Which illustrator and winner of the Kate Greenaway medal drew the maps of Narnia for CS Lewis and of Middle-earth for J. R. R. Tolkien?

Pauline Baynes

17.  Football Thronkosaurus and Magic, Mud and Maradona are both titles by which Sheffield resident and television presenter? 

Dan Walker

18.  The Dread Pirate Roberts is a legendary pirate in which novel?  Much of the film adaptation was shot in the nearby Peak District.

The Princess Bride

19.  Which Belgian reporter appeared in HergĂ©’s hugely popular comic series?


20.  The story of Captain Blood was made into a popular 1935 film. Who played the title role?

Errol Flynn