Wednesday, April 30, 2014

'A Portrait of Recovery' - latest update on our Arts Council project

Sheffield Archives and Local Studies Library were recently awarded a grant by the Arts Council for a year-long project called ‘The City as Bricolage’.  Three local photographers (Clive Egginton, Andy Brown and Gemma Thorpe) are working with us to document various Sheffield communities.  We were recently joined by another photographer, Rosy Nesbitt.  Rosy graduated with a degree in photography from Sheffield Hallam University in 2013 and has been working alongside the other photographers to produce a separate body of work for the Archives.

'A Portrait of Recovery' documents individuals who are trying to reclaim their lives from drug and alcohol abuse. The project concentrates on including the excluded, and reveals the often-overlooked issues that such individuals have to face.  Building on this work, Rosy is now documenting the residents of the Sheffield Alcohol Support Services (SASS) rehabilitation house as part of The City as Bricolage project.  In addition she has also put together a short photography course for SASS individuals with the help of Russ, a volunteer.  A group of people have signed up for the 6-week course.  Week one saw the group travel to Fox House to learn the basics of landscape photography.  Keep up to date with the project via Rosy’s blog:   
The photographs created by the project will be exhibited in Sheffield later this year.  The project will create a valuable and dynamic addition to the city's archives, helping to ensure that Sheffield’s diversity continues to be represented in the collections.